User Interfaces for News Aggregators

I mostly use bloglines to read RSS feeds, though I’ve been seeing some opinions from others on different feed readers, including Peter Da Vanzo’s recent endorsement of Google Reader. A new Microsoft study, prepared for CHI2007, looks at the features and attributes of different feed readers based upon interviews with 34 participants, who described how … Read more

Eye-Tracking Studies at Google

eye tracking studies

How much can eye-tracking studies tell us about the ways that people read and react to search engine results pages? What is a search engine like Google doing when it comes to using eye-tracking? I have to confess that I’m skeptical when I read about some of the studies that describe a golden triangle of … Read more

The Value of Embedded Links

What is the value of embedded links? There’s something magical about having the right link in the right place at the right time on a page. Most web pages that you visit these days will have some type of main navigation on their site to the major categories within the site. Often you will see … Read more