Spam Identification and Search Engine Rankings

spam identification

As set forth above, FIG. 1 illustrates a system for evaluating whether results produced by a search engine are spam results. The system and method utilize a combination of automated spam identification techniques and user feedback to identify results as spam and adjust result rankings accordingly. …from a System and method for spam identification I … Read more

Page Quality and WebSpam: Using Content Analysis to Detect Spam Pages

A new patent application from Microsoft looks at content generated to spam search engines. Here’s the problem, as noted in the patent filing: In the best case, search engine optimizers help web site designers generate content that is well-structured, topical, and rich in relevant keywords or query terms. Unfortunately, some search engine optimizers go well … Read more

Spam Email Filtering Based Upon Links

Can links in emails help reduce email spam? Possibly. A patent application from Google last week, that I missed until I checked carefully through the patent assignment database, describes an interesting approach to checking for the presence of spam in emails. If an email has a link within it, the page that it is linked … Read more

Fighting search spam with algorithms

search spam

A new patent application from Microsoft describes some ways to identify some of the spam pages that show up in search engine results. The research that led to the application started by looking at something else completely, but a chance discovery turned up some interesting results. So it evolved into an in-depth look at search … Read more