BERT Question-Answering at Google

BERT Question Answering

BERT Question-Answering A Google Patent from May 11, 2021, is about Natural language processing (“NLP”) tasks such as question answering. It relies on a language model pre-trained using world knowledge. Advances in language-model pre-training have led to the use of language models. This one uses Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (“BERT”). Google has worked on … Read more

Extracting Entities with Automated Data Wrappers

automated data wrapper

Extracting Entity Information From Web Pages with Data Wrappers One area of SEO worth exploring involves Semantic SEO, which I wrote about in What is Semantic SEO?. One of the important patents I wrote about involved Entity Extraction for knowledge graphs and which I covered in more detail in the post Answering Questions Using Knowledge … Read more