Google Query Revision Strategies

Understanding how and why a search at Google might offer alternative queries may be helpful when you are conducting keyword research. Knowing a little about some of the strategies behind query refinement may enhance your research. Some refinement may take place in middle of the page query refinements, but it is possible that some may … Read more

Belgian Copyright Case Expands in Scope; MSN Also Contacted by Copiepresse

There’s a great thread at Groklaw which delves deeply into the legal landmine surrounding news search in Belgium – Interview with Margaret Boribon of Copiepresse About The opening post includes an interview with Margaret Boribon of Copiepresse, the organization that recently obtained a default judgment against Google, which forced the search giant to include … Read more

AOL Top AIM Developer Joins Google

Steve Bryant broke the news yesterday that Google has just hired AOL’s top instant messaging developer, Justin Uberti. (Hat tip to Barry Schwartz). Steve tells us that Justin was involved in AOL’s Open AIM Initiative. He also notes that this hiring is interesting in light of a December agreement between AOL and Google to have … Read more

Research on Travel Related Search Queries

Last Wednesday, I pointed to a paper jointly written by researchers from Stanford and Cornell on How Task Types and Gender May Influence How People Google. That paper looked at how a small group of people interacted with the search engine. Collecting data about how people search on a larger scale can be problematic. We … Read more

Google Personalization Methods


This last week, Google published six new patent applications that look at personalization, and provide a system for collecting information from a searcher that may make it easier for the search engine to deliver search results to them that more closely match what they may be looking for than from a non-personalized search. Here are … Read more