Early Yahoo Acquisitions (the 1990s)

I wanted to learn more about the history of Yahoo! and made a post about Yahoo!’s Acquisitions Since Overture a week ago. I promised that I would follow up with an additional post covering the remaining Yahoo Acquisitions. I guess you should be careful about undertaking an inquiry like this. The more I uncover, the … Read more

Google Improving Mobile Search

Google Mobile Search

Making it easier to make entries on a mobile device As smartphones and web-connected PDAs become common, it makes sense for search engines to consider how to make it easier for people to use those devices while searching the web. Handheld and mobile devices can be difficult to enter queries into. Google has come up … Read more

A Goto.com Time Capsule: Looking at a Four Year Old Vision of Paid Search

Back before, there was Yahoo! Search Marketing, and before Overture, there was Goto.com. Goto.com changed its name to Overture in September of 2001 and was purchased by Yahoo! a little over two years later for the small sum of $ 1.6 billion. John Battelle’s book, The Search paints an interesting picture of what this search … Read more

Yahoo Acquisitions since Overture

Yahoo! has a history of looking for and acquiring companies and their technology and hiring employees from those businesses. I focused upon the most recent companies with this post and will follow up soon with the rest that I can uncover. Here are several Yahoo acquisitions since October 2003: 3721 Network Software Co. 3721 Network … Read more