PageRank 2020

New York Public Library

If you have been an SEO for any amount of time, or responsible for marketing a website, you may have heard of PageRank. It was was developed by the Founders of Google in the earliest days of the Search Engine. There is new information about PageRank that I wanted to share when I learned about … Read more

Disambiguating Image Queries at Google

contextually disambiguating queries

Better Understanding Image Queries Years ago, I wouldn’t have expected a search engine to tell a searcher about objects in a photograph or video. Search engines have been evolving and getting better at what they do In February, Google was granted a patent returning image results identifying objects in photographs and videos. A search engine … Read more

Google Product Search and Learning about New Product Lines

Product Search

It’s interesting seeing patents from Google that focus on eCommerce topics. The last one had Google distinguishing between products and accessories in search results. I wrote about it in Ranking Search Results and Product Queries. New Product Lines in Product Search A new patent from Google is on new products appearing in existing product lines. … Read more