SEO Testimonials

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The following are a couple of SEO Testimonials that I have received:

Bill Slawski is a unique and positive force regarding search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge and techniques. I have partnered with Bill on significant strategic projects that needed a complete SEO overall. This often occurs when I work with a Chief Executive Officer to transform the business model and business strategy while redefining the organization’s culture to focus on the customer. Each time, we’ve created superior results such as increased traffic, improved revenue, and/or market share, often in highly competitive spaces. Bill incorporates cutting-edge SEO concepts due to his ongoing Google patent research. In addition, Bill brings old-school common sense and many techniques that have nothing to do with automated SEO tools. The combination of these attributes makes Bill Slawski an SEO with a unique and valuable perspective.

~ David Dalka, Keynote Speaker, Founder & Managing Director, Fearless Revival

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill for over 35 years and working with and around him for significant periods of that time. Bill has an unsurpassed in-depth knowledge of SEO and SEO-related disciplines. Bill’s help was central to the success of several business enterprises that I was involved in, and his SEO work was so successful that it has allowed me to retire earlier than most of my peers. His knowledge uniquely spans the gulf between techno-geek and legal experts. He brings theory to the staff meeting in an understandable way, giving us real-life implementation tools to succeed. Thank you, Bill!

~ Larry D. Sullivan
Voicemail/Fax: 302-464-8626

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