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Local Search Uses a Different Algorithm than Organic Search at Google

Many sites being found in local search and in map results that show up in web searches at Google and Yahoo, and Bing can significantly increase phone calls and visits.

Optimizing for Local search SEO can mean that your pages rank higher in the relevant organic Web search result and Maps search results.

Local search and organic search optimization are slightly different from each other. Both should ideally be done to achieve the best results for your site.

Ranking Well in Local Search Can Mean Having Your Site in Several Directories and Pages

Ranking well in local search can involve submitting your site to several directories and pages. Those would include the name of your business. It should also include geographically correct information. This geographical information consistent from site to the site helps give certainty to the Search Engines. It shows them that the business locations they might include in their Maps pages are correct.

Another element that can help improve a business’s placement in search results can be the intelligent use of Schema Markup. That can tell a search engine more about your business. It can tell it where your business is located, and the goods and services you offer.

Another important element in performing well in Local search and Maps results is submitting your site to Google “My Business” and going through the verification process. Do that and submit to other sites that might be considered knowledge bases by the search engines, such as Wikipedia.

To Rank Well in Organic Search, You Need to Choose Wisely the Keywords You Use.

Ranking well in organic search results often means choosing keywords for your site wisely. Focus on the words that the audience your site targets. The words that they will use to search for your site and expect to see on your pages. It can also require that your site attracts links from high-quality sources. That combination of links pointed to your site, and relevant content can help you show up in organic search results in response to queries that searchers perform.

A knowledge panel that shows up in searches for 'SEO by the Sea' as a result of having a verified business listing at Google.
A knowledge panel that shows up in searches for ‘SEO by the Sea’ as a result of having a verified business listing at Google.

Being Optimized for Google Maps or Bing Maps or Yahoo Maps can mean knowledge panels like the one above show up in search results for the name of your business. Your Business’s location can also appear in a maps navigation program and be found more easily. The navigation program may provide driving directions or actual turn-by-turn navigation.

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