SEO Training and Coaching

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What does SEO Training and Coaching Involve?

Ongoing consultation from SEO by the Sea can include SEO training and coaching. It is for people interested in learning more about how and why search engine optimization works. This Training and coaching can look at the information retrieval aspects of websites and how sites might rank for specific terms. We can help with approaches that we can use to make sites more visible on the Web. It can also involve answering questions that might arise in the future.

A lot of time is spent a lot of time researching how search engines work. This is done by reading patents and Whitepapers from the search engines and observing many sites. Attending meetups and conferences gives us chances to learn more and to get involved in social networking with our peers. Also, we work with in-house SEOs who don’t always have the chance to focus as much as we do on changes that take place at the search engines.

We take part in industry conferences to help stay informed of changes that take place within the industry

Answering Questions

If you have specific SEO training and coaching questions about what you or a competitor is doing or want a sounding board or second opinion, short-term consulting is also available.

To learn more about SEO Training and Coaching and how we can work together, contact me today and tell me more about your needs for SEO Training and coaching.

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