The Growing Power of Online Reviews

If you own a small business, how comfortable are you with web sites that allow people to leave reviews of your business online? I worked as a cook in a few restaurants during my days in college. A couple of those establishments were well respected, in the middle of town, with customers who would return … Read more

Duplicate Pages – Solving Different URLs with Similar Text (DUST)

Duplicate Pages at Different URLs There are sites where (substantially) the same page may be found under different Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) or addresses. For example: = = When this type of Duplicate Pages happen, there can be some negative results from the perspectives of both search engines and site owners, … Read more

Google Archives to Appear Soon?

Garrett Rogers, at Googling Google, writes of new domain names registered to Google, including a number that hint at a Google Archive service, perhaps similar to that offered by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Some comments in a post over at ResourceShelf take up the idea and offer some additional commentary in Yet Another Day … Read more

Yahoo and Category-Biased Pagerank

What are the implications of a search engine deciding that your web site fits within a certain classification? That’s one of the questions that may have been raised with my last post, which looked at a patent application from Microsoft (Microsoft Looks at Category Based Link Weights) and described the assignment of category weights to … Read more