Industrial Music Marketing

The web opens up some wonderful opportunities for marketing in new ways, and one of the more innovative approaches that I’ve seen lately is from Trent Reznor’s band Nine Inch Nails. A discovery from fans that a concert t-shirt had bolded letters in a message on its back that spelled out a domain name began … Read more

Papers from the 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

The 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS’07) was held on January 3-6, 2007, at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii. It is a forum for an exchange of ideas in all areas of information sciences, and featured a very large number of presentations, and papers to accompany them. I’ve … Read more

Google Local Search Glossary

Google Local Search

Google Local Search Glossary The following is a collection of Google local search glossary terms and definitions from many of Google’s patent filings on Local Search. The Local Search Glossary is organized by a Google patent, and then a post about that patent and then local search glossary terms from that patent, and definitions of … Read more

Yahoo’s Predictive Queries, Invisible Tabs, and Temporal and Monetization Bias Experiments

If you’ve tried out the Livesearch Beta at Alltheweb, you’ve seen Yahoo experimenting with displaying alternative queries, topic categories, spelling corrections, and search results as you are typing, and even before you have finished entering your query terms. How do they determine which results appear, and what factors might they use to choose which things … Read more