Baseball Band’s Myspace Marketing

I wrote a couple of days ago (Industrial Music Marketing) about how the band Nine Inch Nails had created a mysterious and thoughtful set of web sites to go with a new album that hasn’t been released yet. It was fun to see Matt Cutts pick up on the post, and start discussing some of … Read more

Google Patent Application Clustering Users for Personalization

It’s beginning to become more and more evident that search engines are transforming from information retrieval tools into recommendation devices. Rather than returning results that are the most “relevant” for a query, their focus has become more of providing a result that might match the intent behind a query, and provide results that they believe … Read more

Personalized Search from Tracking Triplets of Users, Queries, and Pages

personalized search

Personalized Search Based upon Collections of Data About Searches CubeSVD: A Novel Approach to Personalized Web Search. Both the patent and the paper are very math-heavy, but the concepts behind them are worth pursuing. Augmenting user, query, and document triplets using singular value decomposition Invented by Hua-Jun Zeng, Jian-Tao Sun, Wei-Ying Ma, Zheng Chen, and … Read more