Bing’s Search Plus Your World?

While Google’s social search activities have been fairly well publicized and discussed, and in some areas criticized, Bing appears to be fairly busy working on their own social search approach a little more quietly… When Google introduced their Search Plus Your World social search results this past January, they were to a degree following in … Read more

Google Acquires Glasses Patents

Last week, Google announced that they would be developing a pair of augmented reality glasses that would present informational displays to users based upon voice and motion commands, at their Google Plus Project Glass page. The announcement was accompanied by a video showing a mockup demo of how the glasses might work: Google acquired three … Read more

How Google Might Index Link Behavior Information

link behavior information

Looking at Link Behavior Information Under a conventional approach to indexing links by a search engine, information about the targeted address that a link is pointed towards might be included in a search engine’s index and the anchor text displayed within the links, and possibly even some text near the link itself. For example, the … Read more

Google Ranking Comment Scores and Commentors’ Reputations

ranking comment scores

A rumor surfaced last week that Google would launch a third party commenting platform to rival Facebook’s. Coincidentally, Google was granted two patents this week describing comment systems, and how ranking comment scores that can affect web page rankings. But the patents appear to describe comments on two different services from Google that have been … Read more