Google Acquires Adscape Media: Interactive Online Gaming Advertisement and Gaming System Developers

According to news reports, Google has completed a deal to acquire Adscape Media (link now dead), a company located in San Francisco which has developed ways for advertisers to show fresh and changeable (dynamic) advertisements within video games which can be shown without interrupting gameplay. The company (in an earlier incarnation) also has developed patented … Read more

MyBlogLog Interview

The MyBlogLog widget is one of my favorite widgets for a web site, if not my favorite. Stephen Pitts, of SEOPittfall, has an excellent interview with the CEO of MyBlogLog, Scott Rafer. If you use MyBlogLog, or might be interested in using it, check out the interview. Steve asks some great questions, and Scott provides … Read more

Google and Misspelled Queries

Yuri Filimonov, of Improve the Web, and I were discussing how Google handles misspelled queries, how corrections are triggered, and how those might influence search results. One of Google’s patent applications describes a process that may answer some of those questions, and Yuri and I thought it might be good to make the discussion public. … Read more