Google’s Historical Data Ranking Factors Revisited, Plus Advertising Rankings

In March 2005, Google published Information retrieval based on historical data and provided us with an incredible list of factors that might be used to rerank pages in search results. It stirred a lot of discussions, and “time” became something people started thinking about in how Web pages are ranked by search engines. A few … Read more

Papers for Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization

One of the workshops at the 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007), to be held in Banff, Alberta, Canada on May 8, is a workshop on Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization. As content grows on the web, generated from many different sources, annotations and tagging of that content is also happening at … Read more

Future of Web Search Conference Videos

Last May, the Yahoo Future of Web Search Conference was held in Barcelona. Hat tip to Keri Morgret, it appears that videos of the presentations are online. On Sunday, I posted over at Search Engine Land about the papers that have been published for AIRWeb 2007. The papers from the Third International Workshop on Adversarial … Read more