Targeted Audio Advertising with Google Part 3 – Conclusion

Is Google becoming less of a search company, and more of an advertising company? These two patent applications (discussed in part 1 and part 2) cover an advertising system that include ads on television, radio, podcasts, audio and video streams, and telephones, and while most involve determining relevancy, few concern serving search results. The Goog … Read more

Doubleclick + Google: Looking at Some of the Doubleclick Patent Filings

Google made their largest acquisition to date with the purchase of advertising technology company Doubleclick for $3.1 Billion. I wanted to look at some of the patent applications that the acquisition would bring to Google. In addition to a few that were developed by Doubleclick, I’ve listed some others that were acquired with companies purchased … Read more Announces New Search Algorithm “Edison”

Barry Schwartz posted today at Search Engine Roundtable that he discussed a new social search ranking algorithm, code-named Edison, with Apostolos Gerasoulis, Co-founder of Teoma Technologies, which is owned by the company that runs The algorithm was disclosed at a Search Engine Strategies Conference on Social Search earlier today. Barry has more details in … Read more

Yahoo! Contextual Advertisements in Print Publications

Is the print advertising world ready for contextual ads in magazines and newspapers? A new Yahoo! patent application explores a process which allows the matching of concepts in articles for print, and advertisements to show up beside them: [0013] According to one embodiment of the invention, advertisements are automatically matched with to-be-published written materials, such … Read more