Innovating Product Reviews at Google

product reviews

Some sites on the web do reviews of products and services pretty well, such as or Imagine Google wanting to provide product reviews. One of the mantras that we often hear coming from their Mountain View offices is that they wouldn’t get into a field unless they can do something innovative. So, how … Read more

Google Transit Trip Planner in Toronto?

Angie McKaig writes about the possible expansion of Google’s Transit Trip Planner service to Toronto. When I originally wrote this post, the Google Transit service was only available in the Portland, Oregon, area, according to the Google Transit FAQ at that time. Still, that page told us that they “plan to expand to cities throughout … Read more

Community Endorsements for Local Searches

community endorsements

Community Endorsements for Local Search Results as a Ranking Signal? Imagine joining a social network like Orkut or Friendster and having the chance to leave comments on local businesses, restaurants, and more, and endorsing show up in Google local results. The folks at Google have imagined something like that and have published a community endorsement … Read more