A Personalized Search Using Advanced Search Operators

Search engines often provide an “advanced search” page, where a searcher can define search results they receive in many ways, beyond the simpler keyword search found on the front page search at those search engines. For example, Yahoo’s advanced web page search lets searchers select a combination of different search limitations, such as: Different relationships … Read more

Google Bookmarks and Personalization

Imagine that you surf the Web regularly, and bookmark pages that you might revisit. You may take those bookmarks, and organize them into categories. As part of a personalization process, you may get to select how much influence each bookmark might have upon your future searches. The bookmarks and categories that you choose for each … Read more

Bill Gates and Company Want to Watch You Watch TV, Buy Groceries, and Use Your Credit Cards and Cell Phone (and Take Notes)

Two new patent applications from Microsoft, originally filed June 29, 2006, and published January 3, 2008, describe how information collected offline in many different ways, such as credit card use, grocery discount membership cards, cell phone usage, interaction with digital television systems, and more might be used by Microsoft to target advertising to you online, … Read more