Google HowTo Snippets and Cooking with Semantics

Google recently started showing “Howto snippets” in search results, which tend to show the first few steps of some task, and then let you click through to a page to see more. Like the recipes above for things like guacamole: By Nikodem Nijaki (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons They have also published an interesting … Read more

How Google May Use Entity References to Answer Questions

entity references in unstructured data

Added October 2, 2019 – the patent this post is about was granted on July 2, 2019: Question answering using entity references in unstructured data – US patent 10,339,190 A Google patent application explores how Google may use entity references to answer factual questions from unstructured Web pages and results rather than from more structured … Read more

Patent Free Fridays

I’ve decided that it’s time for something of a change at SEO by the Sea, and so I am introducing Patent Free Fridays to the blog. Patent Free Fridays do not always have to happen on a Friday, but they do have to be patent-free, at least if they don’t involve a patent that is … Read more